I used to do the music in the years from 2007 to 2011 as one-man neo-classical project "Quentaro", but now I'm working on my very personal drone-ambient project as Rasul Mono. I've also created music for my video games called "Bye-Bye, Wacky Planet" and "The Guise".

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I'm working as graphic designer, but also I'm doing personal illustrations, just as an attempt to express myself in a graphic way.

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Recent works:

Video game development is what interest me today. It's a perfect opportunity to use the experience in graphic design and music-making skills to make something holistic and interesting.

"The Guise" OST (music)
November, 2020

The Original authentic soundtrack for a dark fairy tale metroidvania The Guise, written by the game's developer Rasul Mono.

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"The Guise" (video game)
October, 2020

Dark-fantasy adventure across a big interconnected world that filled with an atmosphere of doom and decay.

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"UltraGoodness 2" (video game)
September, 2019

The struggle between Good and Evil continues in this bloody action where time moves only when you move or shoot.

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"UltraGoodness" (video game)
2 June 2017

Tear your enemies to pieces, leave oceans of blood and mountains of corpses in new dynamic and colourful action designed in pixel art style. All in the name of Goodness, of course!

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